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The Thought Leader Incubator

The Thought Leader Incubator, by Authority Magazine, (the trade name for FirstPage Optimum LLC, a Maryland limited liability company) is a program that accelerates the path for a leader to 1) build a brand as a trusted authority in his or her field, 2) to earn very frequent publicity in the news and media, and 3) to make connections with very prominent leaders that can very valuable to a leader’s business goals.  

1) We help experts establish their personal brand as a trusted expert in their field by helping them to author a regular column about their area of expertise. We then syndicate this column to a wide array of national publications.  The column has high quality writing, features prominent people, has a high view count, has a high rate of frequency, and is featured in a prominent platform. The authority will then be known as a syndicated columnist in their area of expertise which leads to a whole array of publicity opportunities. We can then use those interview opportunities to create a podcast series. We can then use the content to write a book. Later we can help the leader to become a prominent speaker. Building a brand as a trusted expert is invaluable in helping to differentiate from the competition. 

2) We help experts gain very frequent publicity by having their brand, story or expertise appear in national news outlets as frequently as 20-30 times a month. The articles can also have a very high view count if they feature prominent leaders or public figures. Later we can also help the leader to be invited as an expert on TV. 

3) We help experts to make connections with very prominent leaders that can be very valuable to a leaders business goals, in the course of the interview process. Experts will also be granted press pass access to important and exclusive events that can connect them to eventual business opportunities.

We can offer you the following specific media tools to help you achieve your goal of becoming a trusted authority in your industry, with wide publicity, and connections to prominent opportunities. 

1. Authority Magazine helps you author a column about your area of expertise. The column has high quality writing, features prominent people, has a high view count, has a high rate of frequency, and is featured in a prominent platform. Our team will help you write an interview/article per day with as little as a ten minute daily commitment. Within a year it is possible to create more than 300 high level interview/articles. All articles mention your business and expertise as part of the author’s bio .
2. We then to introduce you to editors at premium or prestige magazines who might syndicate your column to their outlets. In TLI Basic you will start with Authority Magazine, ThriveGlobal and Buzzfeed. In advanced stages, (TLI Advanced and Premium) each month, we can also introduce you to editors at publications such as Forbes, Forbes Woman, NewTheory,, Seeking Alpha,, PopSugar, Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, National Geographic, Bustle, and Swaay. Some of these outlets will give you dashboards that can allow you to instantly publish there without editorial lag time. You can embed your videos in many of these outlets. This will allow you to attract and connect to very high caliber talent for your interviews. In addition, becoming a syndicated columnist helps to brand you as an authority in your field.
3. We can arrange for you to speak with, meet and interview leaders or top CEOs in your industry. These connections and relationships can be invaluable to your business goals. People we have previously featured include the C -suite executives of
eBay,  American ExpressMasterCard, Wallgreens, IntuitVirginCampbellWalmartCVSWellsFargoAT&TOracleRedHatGoProZOOMUdemy AdobeCapital OneLockheed MartinGallopProcter & Gamble , Anheuser-BuschChipotle

4. We can connect you to feature and interview social media influencers who will share your content, and give you a lot of exposure and attract followers. Some of these influencers have more than 2 million followers. People we have previously featured include 
Kelly RowlandBobbi BrownDaymond JohnSeth GodinLori GreinerRobert Herjavec,  David WellsJillian MichaelsJohn SculleyMatt SorumDerek Hough,
4. We can connect you to top level VC and Angel Investors. These connections and relationships can be invaluable to your business goals.
5. We can connect you to interview A-list celebrities including sports stars, music stars, and film stars. Here are some people we have previously featured. People we have previously featured include 
Shaquille O’NealFloyd Mayweather, Lindsay LohanCal Ripken Jr.
6. As a regular columnist, at your request, you can apply to receive press passes to cover exclusive events such as the Emmys, Sundance, Comicon, and SXSW.



7. We can help you create and launch your own podcast or videocast, featuring celebrities and CEOs who we introduce you to. Now, in addition to a regular column, you will also create video and audio content that engages new audiences.
8. We can guide you to use the content you have created to write a book. This means that we will
• Help you to envision the format, flow and layout of the book.
• Help you gather and curate all of the content.
• Help you write your own ideas.
• Help you edit it.
• Based on the content, guide you to independently publish it, publish it for you under Authority Magazine Press, or pitch it to prominent publishers for you.


9. We can help you write stories that will get you invited as an expert with our contacts on local TV and then national TV.
10. We can help you get enough media mentions to get your own Wikipedia page.
11. We can help you get invited to TEDx and TED central.

12. After your TED experience, we can help you enter the executive speaking circuit.

13. If you reach this stage you will have all the tools at your disposal to be recognized as a leading thought leader in your industry.

If you think you might qualify for this program please fill out this form HERE

Please note that TLI is not affiliated or employed by any of the brands mentioned above. TLI serves to consult, guide and educate, and cannot promise acceptance into any particular group.