Creative Arts With Hudi

Creative Arts With Hudi

Hudi believes that all people are inherently good. When people are loved and respected regardless of their actions, they will ultimately live up to higher ideals. Being around Hudi is a huge dose of happiness, fun, love and acceptance. As many people can attest, attending her workshops generates an automatic feeling of goodness, and inner peace. She wants everyone to love life, and to be excited about life. She uses a variety of creative media, to help people bring out the parts of them that have always been hidden. Whether it’s a teenager who thinks she is “bad”, or a mom who feels like she will never amount to anything, Hudi helps them peel back the layers to reveal the beauty inside. What’s left is a happy, peaceful person who is ready to face life head on, with a smile on her face. Through Creative Arts like expressive journaling, non-dominant hand writing, paint, clay, music and movement, participants discover who they really are, and where they are headed in life. The beauty of this system is that the process of healing is fun and freeing.

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June 27, 2017

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