Wealth With No Regrets

Wealth With No Regrets

Boomfish Wealth Group, LLC was founded by Barry Spencer and Scott Noble, who share the belief that there is a better way for wealthy individuals, couples and families to live out their desired future while ensuring they won’t have regrets.  Wealth With No Regrets® was created in order to give millionaire business owners, executives, professionals and women on their own a systematic approach for thinking through and achieving all they desire with their wealth.

Through the Wealth With No Regrets® proprietary process clients more clearly identify their vision, priorities and goals and how they can more efficiently and cost effectively accomplish them. We operate with the belief that a family can achieve more with their wealth than they can see possible.

As tax and retirement wealth preservation specialists’ we approach planning as a fiduciary providing comprehensive, objective, and systematic advice.  Through our Wealth With No Regrets® process we provide a proven process that moves a client beyond quick answers and cookie-cutter solutions.

Having an independent and objective perspective of your wealth and what it can accomplish for you now and in the future is critically important to having big impact and removing regrets. This objective perspective should not be product-driven and should be comprehensive.

Leadership, not a planner, is what you need in order to succeed in protecting, preserving and passing on your wealth – with no regrets.


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June 27, 2017

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